Key Technologies

The USEMP framework encompasses different disciplines and technologies that are relevant to different aspects of personal data with the goals of creating assistance tools for improved personal data sharing and management and of raising users’ awareness about sharing such data. To achieve these goals, the proposed framework builds upon four basic building blocks:

  • Legal studies – focused on the fundamental rights of data protection, privacy, non-discrimination and that of copyright for analysing and distilling the different facets of the legal framework that regulates the field.
  • User research – implemented through an array of qualitative and quantitative lab studies and through living lab experiments for understanding and formalising data sharing behaviours.
  • Multimedia information extraction – that is able to deal with multimedia content shared by OSN users and is designed for interactive use and with explainability as a core requirement.
  • User assistance tools – that provide the users with appropriate means to be easily informed of their privacy status, to acknowledge the potential value of the information they share on social networks and to remove/change the visibility of data at their convenience.